Instalación solar de 500kW DG con inversores Growatt MAX

Growatt in South Australia

3MW Industrail PV Plant in Zhejiang, China

480kW Commercial Solar rooftop in Brisbane, Australia

Growatt Solar Farm in Brazil

160kW Commercial Solar rooftop in Guadalajara, Mexico

Vietnam Solar Pig Farm Commissioned by Growatt Inverters

Growatt MAX 50KTL3 LV inverter stands out in South Korea C&I cases

Smarter energy storage for a happier life in Happy Valley

Reaches to Western Australia: a 185 kW PV plant powers Sunterra's building

A 1MW PV Plant Powered by Growatt MAX Inverters in Northern Vietnam

Growatt MIN 6000TL-X Powering a 14.4kW Solar House in Mexico



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